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How to Tell If Someone Is Spying on Your Cellphone

If your partner suspects you in any way, it's possible for them to install some softwares in your phone, to track your movements. There are more apps that are capable to do just that, some of them more obvious than others.

These spying apps are legal, because they have legitimate uses, like parents monitoring their children safety when using phones.

Some of these spying apps might show up on your phone's home screen. So you can easily spot them by checking your phone regularly.However, others might be secretly hidden in your phone.

Here are red flags that can tell you if your phone is being spied.

1. Your phone's performance issues

Some spying apps like spyware,always work on getting your data. That is why many devices always get slow, when running these software's in the background. Be worried if your phone suddenly drops it's performance for no apparent reason.

2. Battery life suddenly dropping

Tracking softwares can take more of your phone's resources, because they are working in the background, running your GPS, and doing other things. Sometimes all these might drain your battery. When your battery drains drastically without you using the phone, it could only mean that someone is tracking your device.

3. Unusual data usage

A tracking app will always use you mobile data to update it's attacker. If you see something unusual with your data, then you have to be kin.

This is how to check your data usage.

1. Open your phone's setting

2. Select network and internet

3. Go to mobile to see how much data you have used.

4. You can access more details by going into mobile data usage.

5. You can see more details and even check how much data each app uses.

3. Temperature rising

Is your phone getting a little too hot? This can happen when you use the internet or play games on your phone for too long, or when charging.

This should not happen when your phone is idle, or just sitting in your pocket. If you are noticing unusual temperatures on your phone, it might be the spying softwares doing their act.

4. Hearing things

Sometimes phones that are being spied on make some funny noises, like echo, beeping etc. This could only mean that your calls are being recorded.

5. Weird messages

Are you getting weird messages on your phone? Maybe ones with a bunch of letters and numbers that seem to be code. This could be a sign, since attackers use this to communicate with your device by giving it a command. If an attacker needs your location, for example, he/she can request it by sending you a message with a predetermined code.

6. Any weird apps around.

Have you noticed some apps which you have not installed yourself? This could be the spying softwares, which can often download and install some apps on your phone without approval.

With all these spying, it's advices to keep our phones protected, by using an anti virus app. It's very rare to get any malicious software in your phone, if you install some google protective arms.

Content created and supplied by: Hildaguard (via Opera News )


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