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Here Is Why People Put QR Codes On The Gravestones Of Their Deceased Loved Ones

QR scan codes have become one of the major ways to access information of any type and to link people. The introduction of scanning services on the smartphone has made it even more widespread. When the system was first introduced, it was not recognized much but years later it is one of the important technological inventions.

Nowadays the QR codes can be found almost everywhere. On goods in the market, promotional cards and even apps. One thing that however surprises many is the QR code printed on the gravestones of some deceased people. Many wonder why a gravestone should have a scan code.

Loved ones of the deceased put the codes when they feel that their relative is important and people should live to remember him/her. When you scan the QR code on the gravestone, you get all the story of the deceased including their photos. The codes can also be used to access only eulogy during the funeral.

Other people use the code to remember their loved ones when they are very far from the place of burial. Through it they can connect from different geographical areas in remembrance of their loved one. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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