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Don't Buy A Fake Phone, Here's How You Identify An Original Phone

Many consumers end up buying fake phones because they don't know how to tell the real ones from the fake ones. The worst aspect is that some of these knockoff phones are even more expensive than genuine phones. The following are some methods for determining whether or not a phone is original.

One of the greatest ways to prevent fake phones is to see if the firm that makes the phone is a legitimate one or just one that isn't on the list of phone manufacturers. When looking for a phone to buy, you should examine not only the phone's originality, but also the service that the phone can provide.

For example, you should buy a phone with a long battery life rather than one that will die quickly, especially when used frequently. However, this is dependent on how the phone is used. If you use the internet frequently, for example, you should choose a phone with a long battery life.

While we're on the subject of battery life, a phone with a capacity of around 4000mAh is recommended. However, if you simply use your phone for calls, texts, and listening to music, even a 3000mAh phone will suffice.

The capacity of the phone's battery is normally listed on the box, and you may get further information by looking up the phone's IMEI code on the internet. You'll need to compare the information you found on the internet with the information printed on the phone's box.

The phone's IMEI code is usually printed on the box and can also be found on the phone itself. *#06# is the number to dial. A message appears on the phone's screen, containing a 15-digit number known as the IMEI.

After you've obtained the 15-digit code or number, go to www. imeichecker. com to acquire further information about the phone. After entering the 15-digit code on the website, all of the phone's details are displayed, and if they don't match the information printed on the phone's box, you've determined that the phone you're using was not originally produced.

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