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Did you Forget Your phone password? Use This Method To Unlock Your Android Phone


Kindly be informed that the information provided in this article is meant for educational purposes. Using the information to practice unlawful activity may land you into trouble with government arm and the writer isn't liable for that. 

It is never a shock to find yourself in a situation that you can't remember the password of your phone anymore. Remember it is not possible to use your phone when locked because only the password you used to lock your phone can be used to unlock it before using it. If you are or ever found yourself in such like a situation, here is a way you can unlock your phone after forgetting your password.

To remove a password from a locked android phone, you need to turn it into a factory mode. This will make the phone to undergo a number of testing and remember the screen touch won't be functioning. Because the testing will be automatic, after a moment you will get a chance to reset without entering a password. To turn on factory mode, you need to long press three phone buttons which are volume up, volume down and the booting button. The volume button will be the one to navigate through the option while the booting button will be the one to select factory reset.

After selecting factory reset, the phone will undergo the process of removing the customized data on your phone including your phone password leaving it as new as it was from the factory. The truth is you will be able to use your phone again but you would have lost your data. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article, I hope it will help you somehow. 

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