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UEFA Champions League

The Super League Isn't Bad As They Are Making It Appear, Here Are The Benefits

Twelve European clubs announced the formation of super league, the project will bring together 15 permanent football clubs and give guests and the five guests will be invited majourly basing on their performances in the respective domestic Leagues.

The scheduled dates for matches are between are between Tuesdays and Thursdays in a new format, there will be two groups of tem teams, the top three teams will qualify for the quarter-finals, the 4tha and 5th place on each group will take a part in the playoffs for the quarters and then the format will switch to a classic knock-out scenario.

Off the founders, there are six english clubs; Liverpool Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United City and Tottenham. Three Spanish clubs; Barcelona Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid Three Italian clubs: Juventus Ac Milan and Inter Milan.

According to the 12 founders the pandemic has prooved in one thing football economic model is fragile, and they want to bring together the biggest clubs to be stronger, but PSG and Bayern have said no for the time being.

But UEFA is planning sanctions for future participants, the participating clubs will be banned from all competitions, Leagues European Cups and international competitions.

Players taking part won't be able to play for their National team, so no more Euros and world cups for them. Joan Laporta tempered, some of the projects ambitions.

"The super league is an option but there are other alternatives like A super club World Cup for example alternating with the regular world cup iam more for this than the super league." FC Barcelona president.

The creation of this super league is seismic and there has been a lot of reactions since Sunday night, for the fans it was a sport created by the poor and robbed by the rich.

The 12 founders have counterpoint to suggestions of greed, they intend to restribute the money to non participants and in amateur football and more than 360 million dollars than UEFA currently invest annually. They are confident because the bank JP morgan is behind them and it intends to invest more than 7 billon dollars in the project.

Despite the restribution plans, the reception is very negative. "Talk of a super league is a move away from 70 years of european club football. In my time at united we played in four Champions league finals and they were the most special night's" Alex Ferguson.

"Iam manchester united fan and I have been for 40 years in my life but iam disgusted absolutely disgusted iam disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool the most, Liverpool say they are a people's club you'll never walk alone, the fans club Manchester United 100 years born around workers around here and they are breaking into a league without competition that they can't be relegated from, its an absolute disgrace" Garry Neville on Sky Sports.

Atalanta Verona and Cagliari are also angry and they asked for the three clubs to be kicked out of Serie A while the Chelsea fans association says it feels betrayed whereas many football fans are annoyed with the project. What's your take on the New super league

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