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Forget About Mendy, Enderson And Their Clean sheets. See The Best Premier League Goalkeepers

In modern football, goalkeeper's ability to prevent the ball from hitting the net is not enough to describe a good goalkeeper. Nowadays goalkeepers must be proficient with the ball at his feet and quick off the line to anticipate danger. 

With the Liverpool's Allison and Man City's Enderson being the best in both goalkeeping and passing, we can say they are well off. However the goalkeeper's main objective is to prevent the ball from the hitting the net.

According to many, the best goalkeeper should be the one with many cleansheets. To some extent we can agree but this is not the reality. A goalkeeper should be described by his individual attributes.

Talking of cleansheets as a way to identify the best goalkeeper could be biased. This is because the number cleansheets kept are often influenced by team's solid defense.

Currently Enderson Moraes continues to lead the EPL Golden gloves race with 15 cleansheets. However, Enderson has only 41 saves, indicating that the ball rarely passes the Manchester City's defense. This implies that the Enderson's 15 cleansheets have been greatly contributed by the good defense infront of him.

From a deeper perspective, a good goalkeeper should therefore be the one with the most saves. See the top 5 best goalkeepers in EPL according to the number of saves. Allison and Mendy are absent in the list.

According to you, which are the genuine factors to determine the best goalkeeper ;number of saves or cleansheets?

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