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Meet The Player Who Received Redcard With Just Only 2 Seconds In The Game

Football can sometimes be uncanny. Weird in the sense that sometimes the most unexpected things tend to happen when no one imagined it. For many coaches, though, a red card counts as one of those weird moments.

Lee Todd is an English retired professional footballer. He played in defence. If three seconds was quick then how about two seconds? This is exactly what happened to Lee Todd who holds the record for the fastest red card in history.

It was definitely worth waiting for as Todd who was playing for Cross Park Farm Celtic was sent off as quick as he came on to the field. The reason for the almost instant dismissal was down to foul and abusive language.

Referee would not have any abusive language in the field, and immediately showed a red card, sending the dumbfounded 22-year-old striker off the field. Witnesses claim the whole incident took only 2 seconds.

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