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3 Reasons Why Footballers Are Given A Yellow Card For Removing A Jersey During The Match

Scoring a goal in a football match is an exciting thing that elicits a chain of mixed reactions. Different players celebrate differently according to what gives them satisfaction. When celebrating however, players are not supposed to be overly excited and it is a rule set by the Football federation.

One of the things that is termed as over celebration is when a player removes his jersey during the match. Why are they not allowed to do that? Here are three reasons.

1. Removing a jersey is termed as wasting the time of the match. The referee has to wait for some time until when the player is dressed which sometimes takes a lot of time as some players pretend it is a problem. All players are supposed to be focused in the game and none should waste the time of others.

2. Players use this chance to reveal messages hidden under their shirts. Some of the messages are politically oriented a thing FIFA does not support. Political messages might cause chaos between the teams or riots with the fans in the stands.

3. When a player removes his shirt, he interferes with the advertisement of sponsor of the team during the broadcast. After scoring a goal, the scorer is zoomed and details of the sponsor can be seen on the jersey. When you remove the jersey the details are hidden and this did not please the sponsors given that they spend a lot of money on the jerseys.

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