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New Title, New Slogan, 'Wreck Everyone And Leave'

Roman Reigns under the new management of Paul Heyman has come out again to prove to the world that he is here to wreck and leave. This is the new slogan on his T-Shirts. He came wrecked ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt who was the defending champion in a triple threat match. He wrecked Brawn Strowman to win the WWE Universal Championship Title.


Reigns appeared, signed the contract held by Paul Heyman after having not yet signed ahead of the match, called a new referee down, and tried to pin Wyatt where with no fruits. He later pinned Strowman with a Spear and was announced the winner of the match.

Roman reigns health condition has been fine over time. It was one time when he announced that he was diagnosed with cancer. He has spent most of his time out of the ring to look after his heath.

Bray Wyatt who lost the title just few days when he won from Strowman. Brawn is the one who has retained the championship after some months when he won from Goldberg.

The willing shows the Reigns is back and he is here to reign. Heyman has been the manager of Brock Lesnar over a period. This has made Lesnar to become the longest Universal Reigning champion.

Will Roman Reigns break the record Brock Lesnar as he is under the management of Paul Heyman? Let us wait and see if it will be as he has proven to us that he is here to wreck and leave. 

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