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FA Cup

What Kenyans Said After KBC Promised to Bring the Game Between Manchester United and Watford Today

KBC Channel One announced that it will be airing the FA Cup matches. One of the big matches that the television station will air is the match between Manchester United and Watford. Many Kenyans went online in order to comment on the decision of KBC to bring the FA Cup matches.

Many Kenyans thanked KBC for accepting to air the FA Cup matches because many people cannot go out to watch the matches because of the curfew restrictions.

Some Kenyans also said that they are very proud of KBC because it is the station that has always made football a priority in Kenya.

Other Kenyans also said that they are very happy because they will have the opportunity to watch the game against Watford and Manchester United at the comfort of their homes.

Some Kenyans also said that they will watch the game so that they can fully support Watford because they are not supporters of Manchester United.

Other Kenyans said that KBC is slowly getting back to its roots as the number one sports partner in Kenya.

Some Kenyans also said that they are eagerly waiting to watch that game because they know that it will be clear because the game between Liverpool and Aston Villa was very clear.

Some Kenyans also said that KBC is currently leading as other television stations are following because there is no other television station that will be airing the FA Cup.

Other Kenyans also said that the game will be a walk over for Manchester United and they know that Bruno Fernandes will make them proud.

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