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Check The Past And Recent Pictures Of This Lady After She Stopped Smoking And Embraced Christianity

I learned from my experience, study, and film that a person who is addicted to hard drugs will ruin his life when no immediate solution is adopted and some people have been killed because they have not stopped using it. Many promising and magnificent lives have been lost because they have been addicted to drugs. The funny thing about this drug use is that it relieves suffering and transits to another world.

Mind that a young Nigerian lady sick and nearly lost her life because she was a marijuana-smoking addict. In two years, her life changed and changed, as she's safe and happy. She quit smoking weeds.

In 2019, the lady who is known as International Jauwn took to her social media page to share the testimony of how she was rescued from the spirit of daily chain-smoking because she almost gave up the ghost and how God saved her and gave her life to Christ.

After her voice, peer pressure and friends' poor influence have tricked her into smoking weeds and other medicines. She became an addict gradually and almost lost her life by the intervention of God in her life which made her give life to Christ, and God took the wheels of her life and delivered her.

Watch Her Video Below:-

A few months after her conversion and her cannabis smoking, rapid improvements began and this was a positive thing in her life. She started to sell clothes online and she could get lots of customers because of what happened to her in the past. By starting a YouTube channel, she moved to add to her popularity and growth. Jauwn owns a car now.

Two years ago, International Jauwn gave Christ her life and quit smoking. She looks very safe and happier than she used to be. Let's look at some of her pictures below and see how her life has changed a lot.

Indeed, it is a wonderful thing to see how Foreign Jauwn has quit smoking and how her life has significantly changed over the years and the great decision she took to convert to becoming a Christian by given her life to Christ.

Foreign Jauwn is inspirational, from an alcoholic to a Christian and a good lady who now has her business line. This can act as an inspiration to lots of people finding it difficult to avoid drugs. If this lady can stop, nothing is stopping you because drugs can ruin one's life and destiny.

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