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Footballer who murdered members of his family had mental health issues.

It's the type of story that almost too horrific and now further details are adding more context to terrifying crime.

The sister of a former NFL player suspected of killing five people this week,before taking himself out of life with a self-inflicted dramatically over the past couple of years.

Lauren Adams told USA Today sports of Philip that his mental health degraded fast and terribly bad,a cornerback who played in the netball between 2010 and 2015.

Although he said her brother showed no signs of violent behavior,she did not say he could become more aggressive.

when doing anything that may not be good to others you are advised to think why you're doing it,Consider your mind before causing a disaster.

Now the whole family were forced to moan for the extended group because of ignorance of one person who is out of his mind.

Again professionals of theorogy always say that it's good to seek for guidance whenever you are not comfortable or unwell.

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