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Key things affecting sports in Kenya

In the past decade, Kenya as the country was a superpower in sports not only in east Africa but also in the whole of Africa. But recent research shows that sports in Kenya are dying slowly. Here the researcher complied in their report that the following are the key things affecting sports in Kenya.

1. corruption.

corruption in the ministry of sports has greatly affected sports in the country whereby some of the people steal money that the government has put there. this causes some sportsmen and women to get embarrassed to the point where some of them choose to quit participating and others choose to change their nationality citizenship to countries that are free from corruption and also pay for goods and take care of them.

2.Inadequate sports facilities

the country lacks standard facilities such as fields and training tool kits. this causes them always to carry out simple and incomplete training sessions. this makes it hard for them to compete with other countries that have adequate facilities leading to an early elimination in any competition that tries to participate. this causes discouragement among many youths leading them to choose another path in life rather than sports.

3.Poaching of players by foreign countries.

Many developed and wealthy countries more so those from Europe and Southeast Asia. Most Kenyan players come from poverty-stricken families, so obviously, they're getting a chance to earn such large sums of money it's like a fortune and thus they won't even try to turn it down.

4.Using of doping drugs.

recent research shows that some sportsmen and women tend to use doping drugs so that they can perform much better than earlier. as we all know the rules doping is prohibited worldwide in sports. this causes the nation to be banned from participating in some sports competitions for some time. in accordance, sportsmen and women tend to lose their active years due to the ban on participation.

5.Poor medication services.

the low level of medication has greatly affected sports in Kenya where some sportsmen and women quit their sports careers in the early stage because of various injuries that can not be treated in the country and if possibly treated the sportsmen/women are advised to retire.

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