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WWE Fires 9 Superstars (Wrestling News)

Hello guys, am back with some news concerning the big entertainment company, that is WWE, on 15th, the company did something that shocked everybody. They fired most top superstars in the main rooster. Here with me is the list of WWE Superstars fired by Vince McMahon - the WWE Chairman.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe was inducted to WWE, from 205 live, he won a couple of championship titles. Later, he had an injury where was told to be on the commentary section. After a while that is on 15th April, he was officially fired.

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He is the top WWE Performer known for his skills, also won American Championship, was being underutilized, this firing let him free, he too was fired.

Chris Tucker (One of the Heavy Machinery)

He has been working harder to get to the top line of the table, till he betrayed his tag team partner Otis, though it was a storyline, WWE announced that he was released.

Micky James

She was best and was inducted to WWE Hall of Famers. Nobody knows why the management fired her. Reason will be availed soon.

Billy Kay

She is one of the IICONICs Tag team member, was best at promo cutting and betrayal, unfortunately, she was fired by the WWE Management.

B.O Dallas

Dallas is an active WWE NXT wrestler, he had best fights every but eventually was locked out of the business, sorry to him.

Chelsea Green

She is an extra ordinary female fighter, despite of her efforts, WWE management decided to fire her, reasons will be availed soon.

Wesley Blake

After disbanding the forgotten Son tag team, WWE management have been looking an opportunity to give him, unfortunately it seemed not to succeed, in turn he was fired

Peyton Royce

IICONICs Second tag team member has also been fired, there will be no IICONICs tag team members.

Firing the WWE superstars just rose eyebrows over the internet with speculation about the COVID19 protocols.

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