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'Hii ni Bed Sitter Ama Ni Kibanda" Kenyans Ask Eric Omondi After His Photo With Socialite Shakilla

Photo by <a class=Eric Omondi in Trademark Hotel. Image may contain: 10 people, wedding."/>Eric Omondi has previously been trending in all the social media accounts after his wife material thing whereby he kissed one of the finalist sheila, sparking mixed reactions among different citizens. The president of comedy took to his instagram account to post this shot saying this, "ALL THE DRAMA!! ALL THE ROMANCE!! EVERY INTRIGUE!! FASTEN YOUR SAFETY BELT. WE ARE ABOUT TO TAKE OFF."Photo by Eric Omondi on December 07, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor.Afterwards, the talented has also posted a shot of himself with the socialite shakilla, almost bringing the internet into a stand still. Captioning the shot below, omondi said that the lady previously revealed that he can't live in a bed sitter but things must change. "Huyu alisema hawezi kuishi Kwa bed seater...Atajua ajui😊😊😊 Hadi nguo zake tutamachisha na curtains." he said.

Photo by Eric Omondi on December 08, 2020. Image may contain: 2 people, people standing.

Here are the comments from kenyans.

peggy_ndungu: Hii ni bed sitter ama ni kibanda

fredrick.pole: Kula wote then useme hukupata wife material uitishe challenge ingine

yingsmscallswhatsap: Kusoma sms anazotuma na kutumiwa mpenz wako ni rahis na bei ni nafuu,njoo dm/inbox.

kenyan_codes: Umeamua na whore

amwai_brian: unamlazimisha aanzie bedsitter kwanza na labda anataka kulilia kwa mansion na sikuchekea bedsitter

phylarry: Mpatie jembe aende shamba ama mfungulie kibanda ya mboga anafit poa apo.

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