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Meet the First Kenyan and First African to Win Boston Marathon

Athletics is know to be a Kenyan thing. Not only Kenyan thing but specifically Kalenjin, as you have noticed for decades, most of the world champions come from the Kalenjin community. These athletes have brought so much joy to our nation and even in our families. Anytime there is a world competition, some of us are glued to our televisions and their is so much anxiety and prayers for our people to win. This is no magic but what God has put in us, did you know that The first World record holder in Boston Marathon was also a Kalenjin?

Ibrahim Hussein Kipkemboi on the cover of Time Magazine in 1992. This photo was taken in America's New Mexico Desert. Ibrahim Hussein was the first Kenyan (and also the first African) to win Boston, setting a world record and having books written on his legacy.

Since his 1988 win, the Kenyans have dominated Boston, having won the race every year since 1988 with only nine years of exception. Two other Kenyans have appeared on the cover of Time Magazine since 1923; Thomas Joseph Mboya on 7th March 1960, and Dr. Richard Leakey on 7th November 1977.

Lets continue shinning in athletics, let's mentor our kids to joining this lucrative career. It is tough but worth it.

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