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Why Naomi Osaka is the richest female athlete

For over years Serena Williams has been the richest female athlete in the world. Serena Williams annual salary was estimated to be $29.2 million. Becoming the richest female athlete in 21st century.

Naomi Osaka managed to win over Serena Williams at 2018 US open. Naomi Osaka who is 22 years old was born in Japan, they moved to United states of America where is father was born and lived there.

Naomi Osaka earns a annual salary of $37.4 million. She is currently 29th among the highest paid people in the world. Naomi Osaka's annual salary exceeds that of Serena Williams by $8.2 million. Naomi is currently linked to be receiving funds from donors who pay him awesomely.

Naomi Osaka moved to United states of America when she was 14 years old. Naomi Osaka started sporting when she was 16 years old. She won a lot of title at that time which led to its advance to greater level.

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