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Check Out The Cars Produced in Kenya (PHOTOS)

Mobius Cars

The Mobius cars are produced in Kenya by the Mobius Motors company which is owned by Kenyans. The first batch of these cars were produced back in about four years ago. Currently the company is producing a multiple number of vehicles which are also multipurpose. They were having a mass number of vehicles in markets by the year 2018 with an average price of about $10,000.

Among the first produce of the Mobius Motors company cars were capable of running up to 160km/h as an average speed. This feature being for an eight-seater capacity vehicle and the speed keeps increasing through various upgrades. They are producing trucks capable of carrying up to about 680kg in a manually transmitted gear box. usage. The first car from the Mobius Motors Company was unveiled on market in the late 2014 and it's usage started in 2015.

The Mobius cars are now available in mass numbers in the Eastern African region. The company is also one of the leading in selling out of vehicles across the region since the cars are relatively cheap.

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