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The Largest Sports Stadium In The World.

The beautiful, unique and adventurous stadium is known as Rungrado 1st of May.It covers an area of 20.7hectares of land on Rungra island in Pyongyang,North Korea.Its construction took 2 and a half years from 1986-1989.It was then opened in Ist of May in 1989 hence the name to host world's festival of youth and students of more than 100,000 attendees.Rungrado stadium is the largest sports stadium in the world that has the capacity of accomodating 114,000 people with a floor space of over 207,000cubic metres.It was built as a response to Seouls Olympic stadium as part of rivalry between two countries.

The stadium is made of a main pitch which has an area of 22,500metre,eight storey buildings,over 130,000 locker, recreational,training rooms and offices,ten lifts,ultrasonic bath,sauna, swimming pools,indoor halls and beds.It has 80 entrances and exits where one entrance is for the VIP(leaders and foreign guests).The stadium has a 94,000square kilometer roof that is uniquely designed with 11,000 steel sheets that form 16 arches arranged in a ring that looks like a parachute or a magnolia blossom flower that span 60metres in the inside and 40metres outside with roof peak loves of more than 60metres above sea level.

Rungrado May day stadium is a multi-purpose facility that hosts massive performances in August and September like professional wrestling,Arirang festival,military parades and mass pageants,soccer,athletics among others.See some of its photos below;

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North Korea.Its Rungrado Seouls


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