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Mourihno Not Done With Ole In New Rant

It has reached point where Mourihno is just bitter towards a man who has never said anything negative about him. Ole has always praised his counterpart as one of the best ever. But the Portuguese manager keeps throwing low key jibes towards the United Manager. Ole never got Mourihno fired at Man United so one can wonder where does this hatred come from.

Yesterday Ole was clearly disappointed with Son attics that led to Man United's goal being disallowed and used Using analogy that if he was his child who behaved that way he would deny him food. Mourihno was hurt by the Norwegian comments and attacked him saying Son should thank God Ole is not a nice person as his father. But it seems he is still bitter by what happened and today couldn't help but downplay Ole's achievement as a manager.

Mourinho 🗣 ''I have Premier leagues, not a Premier league. I have Champions Leagues, not a Champions League.

The only person who can make an argument with me is Guardiola. He has everything that I have. Not a person with only 3pts in his name, but with no history of trophies.”

Mourihno is finished as a manager still hasn't come to terms with that. The footballing world as moved on from his shenanigans.

What's the problem with Mourihno ? Why is he so bitter with Ole and Man United?

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