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Top 5 Largest International Airports in Africa in 2020

The air transport in Africa has recently been growing so fast before the striking of Corona virus pandemic. There had been many visitors and tourists who were coming in Africa through air who were major contributors to the economic growth. Many countries had been heavily investing in air transport facilities ,such as the international airports which accommodates the largest passenger and cargo planes. This has led to some of these countries to construct largest airports of international standards.

According to the recent report by the GH-Avuation Africa, here are the five largest International Airports in the continent in 2020:

1. O.R.Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport, South Africa

The Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa is the largest in Africa. It is able to handle about 281 passengers flights in a single day. It has more than 84 different flight destinations across the world with its longest trip being to Atalanta Italy taking about 16 hours.

2. Cairo International Airport, Egypt

It is located in Cairo Egypt capable of handling 175 passengers flights a day. It has more than 84 destinations across the world and the longest trip here being to Toronto, Canada which takes about 12 hours.

3. Bole International Airport, Ethiopia

It handles about 137 passengers flights a day with about 106 different destinations. This makes the Ethiopian Airline to be the best in Africa. It has the longest trip being to Toronto Canada taking about 14 hours.

4. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya

This the best and busiest airport in the East African region. It is able to handle up to 126 different flights across the world and 32 passenger airlines. The longest trip is Nairobi to New York that takes about 15 hours.

5. Cape Town International Airport, South Africa

This is the second Airport in the list from South Africa. It is able to handle about 117 passenger flights and its longest trip being from Cape Town to Hong Kong involving 13 hours.

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