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5 South Americans With The Most International Goals

South American football isn't as popular as European football. However, over the years the South Americans have always produced some world-class players. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile are some of the countries responsible for producing some of the elite goal scorers in Conmebol competitions and the World Cup. In this article, we are going to evaluate the top 5 top South American Top Scorers. Goals scored in World Cup qualifiers, World cup and the Copa America I.e goals scored in major competitions are the ones that matter. Goals scored in friendlies have not been included. Here are the 5 South Americans with the most international goals. 

5. Ronaldo Nazario ( R9)

Ronaldo Nazario aka R9 is considered to be one of the best strikers of his generation. Ronaldo is rendered an icon by both the Brazilians and the football fanatics. Ronaldo's feat with Brazil was just magnificent. Apart from being one of the most admired footballers in the world, Ronaldo is also the player with the most international trophies (5). Ronaldo has won two World Cups with Brazil, a Copa America, FIFA considerations cup. Ronaldo comes in fifth having scored 64 goals for Brazil.

4. Luis Suarez

Luiz Suarez is considered one of the best no. 9's in football. His relationship with Edinson Cavani on Uruguay national team is just marvelous. Luiz Suarez's period at Barcelona besides Messi enabled him to transform into one of the best passers and scorers of the game. Although Luis Suarez's time with Uruguay hasn't been successful ( due to failure of winning any trophy), Suarez will always stand out for being Uruguay's all-time scorers. Football fans remember clearly the 2010 world Cup where Suarez was sent off for preventing a goal by his hands. The Ghanaians will never forgive him for that. Luis Suarez comes 4th on the list having already scored 64 goals), as of the time of writing. Luis Suarez is expected to surpass this number as he's expected to at least feature in one last World for Uruguay.

3. Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr is known for his handful of skills and that Brazilian technique that usually gives the defenders a tedious time. Neymar has already helped his national team ( Brazil) win the 2012 Olympics. He was the one who scored the decisive penalty against Germany. Neymar missed the triumphant victory of the 2019 Copa America due to an injury sustained during a training session. At 29 Neymar is set to break numerous records set by his previous predecessors. With Messi joining PSG, Neymar's fans hope that he will gain his lethal form thus aiding Brazil to lift another trophy, especially since Neymar has already scored 69 goals for Brazil. Neymar is one of the fastest players to score 60 goals in his first 100 international games. 

2. Pele

Pele is the father of football. His achievement with Brazil is unmatched. Pele is the only player to have won 3 world cups with his national team. No other player has managed to reach this feat over 20 years since Pele did it. The legend managed to come short in the 1959 Copa America. Pele moreover is one of the best players ever in the world of football. Pele was even voted as the player of the century with FIFA. Pele managed to score a goal tally of 77. 

1. Lionel Messi

The current Copa America winner recently surpassed Pele to become an all-time international South American top scorer. Messi's lifted his first medal for Argentina after winning the gold medal in 2008, in the Beijing Olympics. Messi's journey with Argentina hasn't been an easy one. Messi has missed out on 5 trophies after coming short at 5 different finals. One of them is the World Cup final where Lionel Messi's Argentina was defeated by Germany. However, even after facing criticism from the Argentinians and football fanatics, Messi didn't give up. He kept on fighting tooth and nail until he eventually won a trophy for Argentina. Messi surpassed Pele's record by scoring a sensational hat-trick against Bolivia. Lionel Messi leads the list with a goal tally of 79 goals. Messi has one World Cup left to prove that he is the maestro of the game. Not that he isn't, but achieving this feat will make him above his nemesis, Christiano Ronaldo. Diego Maradonna would surely be quite proud of all that Messi has done for Argentina since his passing. Long live El Pibe De Oro( The golden boy).

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