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Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Trying to Sign Star Player

Chelsea Fc, Arsenal Fc and Tottenham have been trying to sign Bayern Munich star player Jerome this after the player contract in the club had expired. Jerome was to leave the club after his contract expired and the club was not willing to renew his contract in the team. Jerome had been performing quite well in Bayern Munich.

Bayern is highly rated team so this might be the reason that Jerome have been performing well. Bayern is a combination of good players generally including Lewardoski the german machine. Bayern is today unstoppable as the team continues winning daily that it seams they are so unbeaten.

Bayern is a top notch team in there league not only there league but each and every league that the clubs take part in they are always at the top. Hence no any other team will not have interest in signing players from such teams. But they are also smart as they don't release there players easily they always keep them no matter what. This to prevent them regretting later as PSG is now regretting on realising there defender Thiago Silva who is now doing great at Chelsea.

Due to all this Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham had interest in signing Jerome from Bayern to there squad. This to boost the squad so as to keep winning games and remaining on the top notch as well as competitive.

Though Chelsea Fc have been performing well due to the new signings they made. This brought much impact to the team hence team helping them winning games managing to be among the top five. It is clear that for a team atleast to improve on there performance they have to sign new more players.

Arsenal has been suffering so much this season due to lack of refusing to sign new players. The team has been losing games so much hence there position on the League is so bad.

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