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Players in La Liga Who Have Had the Most Successful Take-ons Completed in Recent History

A footballer with a good driblbling technique should be able to beat an opponent easily, an ability that only a few players possess.Succesful take ons that is the ability to dribble past or beat an opposing player is crucial especially when attacking. These successful take ons can open up space especially in tight defences and the player can score or give a killer pass to a fellow player. Some of the best dribblers in Spain's Laliga with the most successful take onsbin recent history are;

*Eden Hazard-he is one of Belgium and RealMadrid superstars and plays as a winger. He is known for his amazing dribbling and speed.He has completed over 1200 or 58% of his take ons.

*Lionel Messi-he is an Argentinian and Paris st Germain football Maestro known for his impeccable talent especially his dribbling prowess.He was able to complete over 1800 or 58% of his take ons during his time at Barcelona.

*Cristiano Ronaldi-he plays for Portugal and Manchester United and is considered a superstar, a true reflection of his immense talent.His dribbling abilty enabled him complete over 800 or 45% of his take one during his time at Real Madrid.

*Neymar-he is a Brazilian and Paris st Germain star player who plays as a forward.A young player he has incredible talent and is widely known for his wonderful driblling technique which enabled him complete over 700 of his take ons during his time at Barcelona.

*Vinicious Junior-he plays for the Brazil national team and Real Madrid as a forward.A recent academy graduate he is an incredible footballer possessing skills,athleticism, creativity and a good dribblimg technique which has enabled him complete over 40% of his take ons.

*Nabil Fekir- he plays for France and Real Betis as a forward.A key player at Real Betis,Nabil Fekir's wonderful dribbling abilty has enabled him win over 45% of his take ons.

*Yanick Carrasco-he is a Belgium footballer who plays for Atletico Madrid as a winger.His talent has enebmed him win over 40% of his take ons in the Laliga.

*Joaquin Sanchez Rodriguez-he is a Spanish footballer who plays as a winger for Real Betis. His pace and dribbling talent has enabled him win over 45% of his attempted take ons.

*Andy Fati-he is a Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona as a forward.A youth football prodigy, he has grown to become one of the most promising young players in World football. Hiis incredible talent has enabled him to win over 40% of his take ons.

*Karim Benzema-he is a French footballer who plays for Real Madrid as a forward. A talismanic forward he is known for his impeccable dribbling abilty which has enabled him win over 45% of his take one.

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