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Why Chelsea Lost To Manchester City And What Lampard Should Do To Start Winning Games

Up to now you you can't Clearly tell what is happening!Does this players want lampard out?

Reason being Lampard was so much better last year, as he rotated the 433, 4231 and 343 formations which made Chelsea unpredictable. This year he's been sticking to this 433 with crosses down the flanks, which the opponents have easily figured out.

Again Azpi is no longer the player he once was. He's been one of the finest servants at the Bridge and it really hurts how he is playing currently. We don't know how to play down the middle positions. The crossing tactic is almost useless now.

Another thing Kante should be rested. He's a top top player but he looks so overwhelmed and tired recently and as a team We need physicality in the middle. Look how Rodri alone, was able to outmuscle any of our three midfielders easily.

With no fear of contradiction We love and respect Lampard for what he was able to achieve playing for this club. He is a legend and we appreciate him.But truth be told, he really does not have anything to offer this team as a coach. Just maybe in the future he can be better, but if Chelsea are not to drop into the relegation zone, the hard decision must now be made to drop Lampard.

And if there is no courage to show him the way out, let Lampard, throw in the towel if he still loves this club.

Well 3-1 is a little more respectable than 3-0, this shows why Chelsea should be starting, because it was a big gamble starting Ziyech when Chelsea has been in such great form.The team need to Keep believing amd will bounce back.

Everyone would complain about all these consecutive losses, but as a good sports fan so used to it because it has come come clearly that this isn't our season, I dread to see Chelsea playing Athletico.

It very clear and open to that There is a mentality issue in this team. Weak mentality, no grit, no drive, just turn up everyweek. Something is got to give immediately.

The moment City took the midfield, it was over for us.I looked at both teams lineups and told myself we have quality to match these guys but as the game proceeds I realised it was potentials against quality.

What's the excuse for Lampard? What is your view as a Chelsea Player?

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