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Is Showing Live Football Games in Public Halls a Good Business? Find Out

Have you ever found interest in opening up a DSTV station where sports lovers would gather and watch games at a fee? Have you ever wondered if those already in the business make profits that are able to pay their bills? One of our focus on this platform is to provide people with information on hustles that could change their lives. In this article, we're going to analyse the Live Football Showroom business and it's output.

To begin with, what does it cost to open up a sports show hall? Simple, you need a television and a decoder. Usually one needs big enough TV, let's say from 32 inch to as large as possible, then a DSTV decoder. I'm most cases, you'll need at least two each of the main items to avoid inconveniencing fans when two games take place at the same time.

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Most show room owners subscribe to DSTV Compact Plus which has all sports channels with other few extra Channels. Compact Plus is paid 5,100 per month and is usually the most important subscription besides rent and repairs which doesn't regularly happen. Starting requires a significant amount of capital. That is to rent or build a hall, to purchase TV (s) and Decoders (s), then make benches or purchase chairs. But after that, the Live match Showing business is a good one.

Let's take this example from a start-up with 1 TV and a single decoder, paying 5k for his/her hall space (mostly the halls are not parmanent buildings). This person will paying bills worth about 15,000 a month (DSTV subscription of 5,100, Hall rent of 5000 and other miscellaneous expenses). Usually during off-peak seasons, this person would show like 3 games every weekend charging 50 shillings per game (20 in some places like slums where hundreds of people will present themselves for a single game) So, let's use a charge of fifty shillings per game.

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3 games a weekend with a capacity of about 30 people per game would yield about 4,500 shillings (30heads ×3 games equals 150 heads paying 50 per game). If this off-peak season goes for a whole month then the business will make at least 18,000. How about peak months, especially when there is Premier League, Champions League and some other tournaments. There will be a show of like 5 games every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with a capacity of atleast 30 making it 7,500 a weekend, the champions League and Europa, will bring about 25 customers paying 50 for let's say two games, that will make midweek return of 2500. The total will be at least 10,000 shillings a week, translating to 40,000 a month.

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The best thing with this business is that even though it's seasonal, the owner doest have to run at a loss during off peak months and breaks, they can decide not to renew monthly Multichoice subscriptions, then maybe consider a short term alternative of showing movies. The statistics used above is just for small hall with poor attendance. But there are halls that serves almost 100 people or more per game. That is if they show three weekend games, they'll have 300 payments of 50 shillings which will translate to about 15,000 a weekend and may be a half capacity for mid week making the total for a week about 20,000. A sum amount of not less than 80,000 a month. That's very good money, business owners would pay the business bills, basic bills and still save good money

What do you think of the business. Please try it out if you can get the start-up resources, never write any business off before trying them out.

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