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Why Number of Football Players is 11 and Not Any Other Number

There are so many things about football that the modern fan just accepts, no questions asked because we just find ourselves used to same laws and nobody has clear originality of the same. Questions like, who said football should be played 90 minutes? why each team is allowed to have one goalkeeper? are very hard to answer. The most amazing questions is why number of players per team should be 11? The simple truth is that many decisions were taken during football's more formative years that those responsible for didn't feel it necessary to explain the reasoning behind. Instead we're simply left guessing, trying to figure it out for ourselves.

To answer some of these questions we have to look at the history of football and where it started. Football is so old as you think and is believed to have started in Italy in 16th century. The game was played in town of Fiorentina by rich people and even pope were involved. The game involved 27 players from each team. 4 players could do goalkeeping, 3 full back, 5 centre backs and 15 forwards. No substitution was allowed in this game. The game was boring and chaotic due to many players in the field therefore England football association decided to change the number to 15 players. The rule also did not work so well and therefore in 1933 they formalized the number of players to be 11. This was aiming to reduce congestion in field, reducing chaos and making football interesting. This number is manageable since referee is able to make quick and equitable decisions. Thanks for reading this article.

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