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Why Players Cover Their Mouth While Talking on The Pitch

Most of the time you have probably wondered why many of the players cover their mouth while talking during football matches.Is it a training they go for or is it just something that happens naturally? Well there are many explanations to this as we will try to explain.

1.Players cover their mouth while talking in the pitch to avoid camera men reading whatever they are talking about.Those who sit behind the camera or in studio can easily read the lips of players and try to guess what the players are talking about.

2.Players cover their mouth so as to a Pliny the message to the player they are talking to.Sometimes, there is a lot of noise in the stadium and therefore by covering the mouth at least the opponent can listen to whatever the other is saying.

3.Players cover the mouth to prevent the opponents from reading their tactics.This mostly happens whenever they are taking corner's, players will usually cover their mouth as they are standing over the ball for the corner.In so doing,the opponent cannot easily try to guess who will take the kick.

These are just some of the reasons, even though there might be others specific to the players themselves.Now you know.

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