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World Rugby Sevens Recognizes Kenyan Player Alvin Otieno For Doing This Amazing Job

Kenya is well none for producing some of the best long distance athletes over the past. This trend has been ongoing and it doesn't seem like slowing any time soon. However, athletics is not the only sport Kenya has great participants, we have the game of rugby.

Rugby has two versions, the 15 a side team and the 7 a side team. The latter is more popular to the world since it has been given more exposure than the former. The IRB world sevens series is the biggest league in the game of rugby, it is where the Kenyan boys have always shown their talents.

Collins Injera, Andrew Amonde and Willy Ambaka are some of the best rugby players Kenya has ever produced. Fortunately, there's one big player named Alvin Otieno who has been on the headlines lately. Otieno's recent performances have earned him recognition from the World Rugby Sevens.

Otieno's powerful runs makes it difficult for anyone to stop him. The world rugby sevens through their Facebook page recognized Otieno by posting a highlight of the player followed by some strong words. This shows how Kenya is a hotbed of talent. Rugby is just another sport that has proved to be a thing for Kenyans. 

“Fact: Kenya' s Alvin Otieno is not an easy man to bring down“ World Rugby Sevens wrote.

Otieno who is popularly known as Buffa or the Water Buffalo has been impressive in the recent outings of Kenya sevens.

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