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Manchester United Got An Advantage In Signing Their Former Striker Back To Old Trafford

Former Manchester United striker Christiano Ronaldo has raised out his suggestion to leave his current club Juventus if they will fail to make it to final in champions league next season. The Norwegian striker is set to make new deal with his Manchester United though in much fear because of his salary. Ronaldo is currently earning 31M per year which is an equivalent of £250,000 per week. His fee in Manchester city new deal will shut down by half and he is expected to make 13-16M per year in Old Trafford.

Ronaldo interest was to leave Juventus to PSG after he was wasted from showcasing his talent in UEFA Champions when they were removed from competition by FC Porto this season. However, PSG showed no interest in signing Ronaldo following his age which is heading to a retiring age for most players. PSG has younger players like Neymar and Mbappe who are doing much in striker and they could not want to have an idle player. A 32-year old turned back to his former club Real Madrid but they didn't accept the deal from Ronaldo agent to sign him for the next time.

Ronaldo has set back his mind to move back to his former club where he build up his talent. Manchester United got an advantage in signing up Ronaldo for the second time and at a low salary which will be reduced by half the current one. Ronaldo is a world class player who is much concerned in winning many titles every season. He had an interest in taking up Juventus to final stage in UEFA Champions but they failed to make up which lowed his quality. He need a club where he will be sure of securing different titles every season.

Juventus are not doing much well in Serie A and they are below Inter Milan this season who are at the top of the table. Ronaldo is not pleased with his club performance which sparked him with different opinion to look for the performing club. PSG and Real Madrid turned down his request to join them and the only chance remaining is to join Manchester United. This is a great advantage to the Reds.

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