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7 Basic Rules In Softball

1. Each team comprises 9 players and it can also comprise of both genders.

2. The game goes on for 7 innings and it is divided into two innings; the top and bottom part of the innings.

3. Each team bats once in every innings before the sides switch.

4. The fielding team has a pitcher, catcher, a player on base 1 base 2, base 3, a shot-stopper, and 3 outfield players that are center field, right field, and left field.

5. The batter should effectively strike the ball and go around all the bases. When he or she gets right around all the bases and back to home plate without being given out a run is scored.

6. When the batter hits the ball and crosses the line before reaching the first base it is termed a dead ball. The play again restarts from the pitchers

7. Player can hit a home run by hitting the ball over the outfielders. When it lands outside the playing field that is considered a home run.

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