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JUST IN: Harambee Stars Fan Isaac Juma's Family Attacked Barely Days After His Funeral

A few days ago, one of the biggest football fans in the country's national football team history, Isaac Juma, was laid to rest at his home after a huge funeral ceremony at Bukhungu Stadium.

Picture courtesy. Isaac Juma's Family.

Isaac Juma had been killed in his home by unknown assailants who he claims were after his parcel of land that they have been fighting for the control over for a long time.

According to The Standard Newspaper this afternoon, the assailants have come back again to Isaac Juma's home barely days after his burial was conducted.

The aggressors have attacked his family at his home and it's unclear how many people were injured in the attack.

The family is now living in fear after the attack that happened hours ago at their rural home where Isaac Juma was killed.

The family had pleaded with the government to give them another parcel of land away from the one that Isaac Juma was killed but this plea fell on deaf ears.

Picture courtesy. Isaac Juma.

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