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Why Do Footballers Wear Headphones Before Match

According to HWY magazine, football players wear thick noise-cancelling headphones before games to avoid disturbance or distraction. They usually have 1-2 hours before a game to get ready mentally. Headphones are better than earbuds for sound quality strictly because they cover the entire ear and maximise efficiency.

Some wear them to avoid having to stop and speak to the media and the fans who are waiting for them. They are like celebrities so many people are trying to get their attention for an autograph, quick interviews or photoshoots. They also want to avoid hearing insults and heckles from rudy home fans or opposing fans during warmups.

The music they are hearing allows them to get in the right position before a big game mentally. It also helps to endure a small amount of physical pain as they will be tackled or made contact with opponents. Some major footballers always wear beats headphones and sometimes hang them around their necks. This is mainly for endorsing the brand as they get paid by beats for it.

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