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Facts About The Great Khali That You Probably Didn't Know

Dalip Singh Rana is a professional wrestler who started wrestling in the year 2000, he is from India, he is popularly known as The Great Khali because he is so tall compared to many people, his height is 7.6 foot high which is above average for the height of a normal man.

He started fighting in the World Wrestling Entertainment in the year 2006, this is a fighting company that is located in USA and it is owned by Macnon. He is one of the greatest wrestler who is very hard to defeat in a wrestling match because of his tall height and powerful energy. He likes fighting by hitting people with his bare hands.

The Great Khali was once a police officer several years ago in India before he joined wrestling, he wanted to try out something different apart from being a security office, that was the reason why he joined wrestling. He has been successful in wrestling because he always give all of his strength in a match.

The Great Khali was born in family of seven children in the year 1972 in India they were so poor, that is why the Great Khali started doing odd jobs so that he can make ends meet, the jobs affected his health, he started developing some health risk such as protruding chin, so he decided to try other things.

Apart from wrestling the Great Khali decided later to act movies, he has stared in four Hollywood movies, these movies are always acted in America and two Bollywood movies which are acted in India, the movies were such a huge success because he added some extra ordinary characteristics.

The Great Khali is also a family man, in the year 2002 he married her beautiful wife Herminder Kaur in a beautiful Indian wedding ceremony which was held at his birthplace in Punjabi, India. He married her because she is a beautiful and a caring woman. They were blessed with one child.

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