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Meet the Gifted Kalenjin Traditional Medicine Men who Do Brain Surgeries at Home

Brain surgery is something considered very technical and indeed complex till date. Only super-trained neurosurgeons can perform brain surgeries owing to how critical a task it is.

However, traditional medicine men and women did perfom the difficult task with perfection. This is something that has left people perplexed at how they acquired the knowledge for such an intricate task.

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Among the kalenjin community, there were traditional neurosurgeons who could perfom the task with perfection. It was widely believed that their professionalism was God-gifted because it was found within a certain clan or family. More so it was found out that it was hereditary along a family lineage.

The traditional men and women are so skilled that they know what their patient is suffering from. In addition, they are well familiar with herbal concoctions that aid reduce pain during the whole process.

Not only do they give concoctions for pain relief, but they also give concoctions for various reasons like stopping of bleeding, sterilization and boosting of immunity.

Today, we make a visit to Kerio Valley in Elgeyo-Marakwet County in search of traditional neurosurgeons whose apprenticeship has caught attention across the kalenjin land. This is Arror Sub-location in Marakwet West Sub-county.Traditional Dressing Code of the Marakwet People. Image Courtesy of

We meet up with Arap Chumo who is an 89-year old man with a shinny bald-head. He speaks passionately about his profession. Alongside him are two women and four men. Chumo says that the six are skilled brain surgeons who can do their task with minimal or no room for error.

I really wonder who can agree to go through the cut of a knife of a traditional surgeon. It sounds much of a risk, but the defiant old man is pretty sure that any patient will come out safe and sound.

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The old man explains that incase of an acute cranial trauma, he can easily identify the injured area before cutting his way through the skull. Acute cranial trauma is caused when the head is hit by a blunt object sustaining the brain to a kind of 'blow'.

More so, in case of post-traumatic headaches, the traditional surgeon will slowly palpate the head to identify where the problem is. Such headaches are caused by blood-clots in the brain. After being satisfied, he will then dig into the affected area and drain the blood clots out.

Notably, the six would first make a prayer through chants to their ancestors and God for guidance in the complex process.

These men and women are highly respected in the society such that they don't have to buy any local brew. All they do is walk into a home with such brew, and they will be served for free with much respect.

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