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2021 Update: Where Does AFCON Rank Among The Most Valuable Football Trophies In The World?

Football is the most loved sport in the world and this has triggered the organizers of this sport to invest more on the rewards to winners.

After all, the football trophy is the greatest honor any team could dream of. Most players from the lower division feel offended if they do not get their hands on the trophy. Here are the most valuable trophies in the world:

5. Serie A.

The trophy is given the Italian league winner, also known as 'The Scudetto' plural, Scuidetti meaning the small shield. The first football club to lift the Serie A trophy is Genoa in 1924. It is worth $66,000 and it's among the most valuable trophies in the world.

4. African Cup of Nations-AFCON.

The African Cup of Nations trophy has evolved into three versions since 1980. The current version was established in 2001 and Cameroon was the first team to lift this trophy. Egypt boasts winning the most Afcon trophies.They won it seven times. It's worth $150,000.

3. Ballon d'Or.

This tittle is not won by a football team but it is among the most expensive trophies in the world. It is the among the oldest individual trophy and most prestigious individual award to footballers. Lionel Messi has won six Ballon d'Ors while Cristiano Ronaldo has recorded five.

Ballon d'Or is worth $600,000.

2. F.A Cup.

The most valuable trophy in England surpassing the famous Premier League. All teams in England take part in this competion from the regional league to Premier League teams. The current version of the FA Cup was designed by Thomas Lyte, a luxury brand dealing with dealing with gold and silverware, sporting trophies and leather accessories.

The FA Cup winner bags in $1,180,000.

1. FIFA World Cup.

The trophy is the most prestigious in the world which also sees the winner pocketing in $20,000,000. The current version was designed by an Italian artist named lvio Gazzaniga. This trophy stands about 14.5 inches tall and is made of 6 Kgs from 18-carat gold.

Content created and supplied by: SoccerAnalyst (via Opera News )

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