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Remember the Female Kenyan Athlete Who Made Millions at 18

Pamela Jelimo was a famous name that was recognised both nationally and internationally after the 2008 Olympic Games which took place in Brussels.

She was among the three females in history to win a full jackpot of 1 Million USD under the IAAF Golden League.

While Mozambique's Mutola broke the 800m record in 2003,Tatyans Lebedeva did the same in triple jump (2005) and Pamela Jelimo wrapped it up in the 800m race (2008).

Afterwards,IAAF Golden League took a new turn as IAAF Diamond League in 2010.

In 2008,Pamela Jelimo made the Kenyan Government proud after incredibly representing the nation in the highly competitive race. She was proclaimed an Olympic Champion after winning on the 1:54:87 mark. This saw her becoming a millionaire at 18 ,since she was born on December 1989.

Things however took a different turn afterwards.

In 2012,(3 years after fame and money),Pamela broke up with her then husband,Peter Murrey. While Murrey moved on and remarried,Pamela chose to live a life of privacy and has rarely come out in public since the break up.

As a runner,she has not featured in any other race since the one that saw her being a millionaire.

This was a promising talent and many are still wondering where she is at.

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