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Global Statistics of Covid 19 Are not Promising

The first covid 19 case was record in China on 2019 and since then the numbers have risen to millions of reported cases of covid 19. Covid has become a global pandemic and has affected the economy and social life of all people across the globe. This deadly virus has lead to death of so many people across the globe.Their is hope since most countries have developed vaccines, but sadly the numbers are still rising. Currently the total reported covid 19 cases across the globe are over 132 million. This is not a good number, the world recording 132 million reported cases of covid 19 means that the pandemic is not yet under control.

The 132 million reported coronavirus cases are from all the countries in the world. The total number of fatalities that have been recorded across the globe are now over 2.85 million nearing the 3 million mark. This number of fatalities are also not good, this virus has really killed a lot of people across the globe. The total number of recoveries are now over 106 million, this numbers are good and are giving so many people hope. Currently the wold has over 22 million active cases of coronavirus.

The large numbers of total fatalities and total reported cases are shocking, and the world needs to do a lot in controlling this global pandemic. We all need to take a responsibility to curb the spread of this deadly disease.

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