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Chelsea, Arsenal And Manchester United: My Personal Lessons From Their Reactions To Match Results

For me, it's not a rule that we must learn life lessons from soccer. But in recent times, I've observed some fans' reactions to match results, that are teaching me lessons.

My observations are taken from the reactions of Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea fans. They're the majority around me.


1- When Man U and Arsenal win against any club, their fans celebrate in a quiet way.

2- When Chelsea wins against any club, Chelsea fans celebrate in a very big way.

3- Anytime Man U and Arsenal lose a match, Chelsea fans rarely care. 

4- But anytime Chelsea loses a match, Man U fans and Arsenal fans celebrate in a very big way, with loud noise.

5- Man U fans and Arsenal fans celebrate Chelsea losses more than how they celebrate their clubs wins.

6- On the hand, Chelsea fans celebrate their club's wins more than how they celebrate Man U and Arsenal losses.

7- Again, I notice that Man U and Arsenal fans mocking Chelsea, more than they appreciate their clubs.

8- On the hand again, Chelsea fans appreciate their club, more than how they mock Man U and Arsenal.


For me, I've learned the lessons; which are:

1- I must learn to celebrate my wins in very big ways.

2- I'd rather make noise celebrating my success, than make noise celebrating someone's failure.

3- I must learn to appreciate myself more; and desist from mocking others.

4- Some people take more pleasure in seeing me fail, than in seeing themselves succeed.

5- Some people celebrate my losses more than how they celebrate their own wins.

6- If I don't celebrate myself, hardly would others celebrate me.


If you like, call me Chelsea fan, it's your opinion; and it doesn't concern me. 

We may accuse Chelsea fans of making lots of noise, but I like the way they celebrate their wins. 

My observations may not be the same as yours. Sorry about that. But they're my observations; and I'm learning my lessons well.

I'm not paid for being a fan of any soccer club. Hence, I'd rather learn the lessons that would help me in life.

Always, I belong to no club, and I'm for every club -- only depending on the match. (LAUGHS)

Content created and supplied by: @mandelanelson (via Opera News )

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