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Most Used English Football Terms You Need to Know and Their Meanings

Today, am going to highlight the most used football terminologies and their meanings.


A 'rabona' is a skill move that involves kicking the ball with one's legs crossed by wrapping the kicking leg behind the standing leg. 

Hat-trick / A Perfect hat- trick

This occurs when a player scored three goals in a single match while a perfect hat-trick occurs when a player scores the three goals using left foot, right foot, and the head.


When a player scores two goals in a single match is referred to as Brace. In other words, brace simply means two.

Bicycle kick/ Overhead kick

A bicycle kick is a method of shooting that involves a player being airborne and usually playing the ball in the opposite direction.


This word in football means 'Greatest Of All Times'

Ghost goal

Mostly they are awarded by the VAR and occurs when the part of the crosses the goal line.


This terminology is used the ball passes through the legs of a football player.

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