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Selfies cause lives of Three in Kisumu

Taking photos is good and somehow fun. Photos are good and act as memorial that can be used in future reference. Most people like taking photos using their smartphone. Nowadays at least every smartphone have power camera and can be used to take clear picture. Furthermore, these photos can be posted in social media such as facebook or twitter. Also taking photos can be dangerous if the place is not safe. Like taking selfies in National Park can be risky because wild animals can attract the photographer anytime.Like in this report, a young youth caused lives of three innocent people in Kisumu. Accordingly from the source, the young youth was taking selfies while boarded in a boat. The boat lost balance and capsized making three people to loss their life. The three who died were coming from Seme where they went to visit their friend. Furthermore, there are two more people who are missing from the capsized boat and the police are searching for them.

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