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Have You Lost Your Padlock Keys? This Is How You Can Open A Padlock Using Matchsticks

It is always difficult to open your padlock after you have lost the key or keys that can open it. Always make sure that you have a spare key somewhere safe so that you can use it once you have lost the one that you normally use. This article is going to teach you a very simple way to open your padlock using matchsticks if you don't find the keys to your padlock.

For this method to be successful, you require a box full of dry matchsticks. Pluck off the matchstick heads from all the matchsticks leaving only one that its head is not plucked off. Crush the matchsticks heads into very fine particles and then pour the fine particles inside the padlock through its orifice until its full. The orifice of a padlock is the key space where you always put your key to open a padlock. Mount the full matchstick that you did not pluck off its head in the orifice with its tail inside the padlock and its head facing you. Light the head of the matchstick and allow the fire to spread smoothly until it gets inside the padlock. The fine particles inside the padlock will catch fire spreading heat inside in. This heat in return will make the padlock open.

Don't use this method in illegal ways because you will be arrested and charged in a court of law.

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