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Simple Ways to Knock a Man Out in Self Defense

There are three ways of knocking an opponent out.

1) Delivering a shock to the brain ( strike the jaw or temple)

2) Choke of the blood flow to the brain( constrict the cartoid artery)

3) Limit oxygen flow to the brain ( constrict the wind pipe)

However, there are also lesser known methods of bringing about unconscious or disorientation, including striking the vulnerable plexus areas of the body. The damage that can result from targeting these areas can be significant and only use the techniques in self defense.

Elbow strike to the sternum

The elbow is a powerful weapon, especially In a close quarter fight. A sudden powerful elbow strike to the sternum, can cause excruciating pain in the chest and damage the heart. If blood vessels are ruptured, the results could be fatal. Even a moderate elbow strike can cause dizziness and unconsciousness.

Elbow strike to the pulmonary plexus

A vertical downward elbow strike to the upper back impacts the spinal cord, lungs, diaphragm and the heart. This area has nerves that stimulate and inhibit cardiac functions. A powerful blow to this area can force residue air out of the lungs, momentarily stopping breath and trigger a spasm in the diaphragm as your opponent struggles to breath.

Knifehand Strike to the carotid artery

A sudden blow to the carotid artery changes the blood flow dynamics causing unconsciousness or even death due to a sudden, precipitous drop of blood pressure in the brain. In life threatening situations, if the opportunity occurs, strike the carotid artery an the vertically flowing nerves in the neck.

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