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How Usain Bolt Remains The Fastest Man Alive Even After Tokyo Olympics 2020.

After the 2020 Olympics, Usain Bolt still remains the fastest man on Earth and also in space. How cool is that? Every time he run, it looked like he was flying. And the way he did it seemed so easy as if it was nothing. But before he became the track and field superhuman, he had to go through the slow process of being the fastest. This is the life story of the golden legend, and the lighting Bolt Usain. His childhood days were filled with memories of running around the fields of Jamaica. His parents owned a grocery store, and both allowed young Usain to have the best time as a kid. He had been sporty ever since, and always had fun playing different sports. Cricket, football and of course, endless running. This led to Usain being diagnosed as hyperactive. His mother was warried. But when she saw him having fun, she was at ease.

It was all fun and games until a couch discovered Usain. That was when things started getting serious. He was naturally talented so his coach persuaded him to become a sprinter even though, he wanted to play cricket. At the age of twelve he became his school's faster runner. At 15, he took his first shot on the world stage. He became the youngest world junior gold medalist. This may sound unreal, but do you know what motivated him to be a runner. Buying a washing machine for his mother. He remembered that she hated doing laundry by hand. So he decided to earn enough money from racing from a sweet goal like this, eighteen months later, he won three gold medals. And broke two world records at the Beijing Olympics. This was the time he became the fastest man alive. It was also the start of eldless competing, not against anyone, but against himself.

To describe Usain as a hero in Jamaica didn't come close to capturing the fever of national admiration. You see track is to Jamaicans what football is to Brazilians. His country's expectation became his next motivation after he bought his mother that washing machine. So he worked even harder. Even though some injuries got him in the way. It didn't ever stop him from working really hard. He became the first man in Olympics history to win both the 100 and 200 meters races. He won three Olympics gold medals in 2012. Making him the first man in history to set three world records in Olympics. He made history again in 2016 with gold medals in three races. Add those are just but a few records he has ever broke. What People didn't know is that he was pressured into winning every single race. He felt the weight of his whole country depending on him. And Usain Bolt is definitely one of the hardest working athletes and the fastest human alive even after 2020 Tokyo Olympics since no one broke his record. And that the inspirational story of Usain Bolt.Thank you for reading this article please remember to like, share, comment about follow me up for more articles updates.

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