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John Cena's Lame Excuse That Has Had The Superstar Ditched Twice By His Wife And Girlfriend

We'd expect stars of John Cena's status to hang around with the worlds hottest models and be in relationships with the worlds most beautiful, but the WWE star has only two failed relationships to count .

Following his failed marriage to high school sweetheart that led to a divorce in 2012 the wife citing infidelity although Cena served the divorce papers. John Cena took on a relationship with fellow WWE star Nikki Bella proposing at Wrestle Mania however Nikki broke up with the starlet claiming that they had different ideas on life .

So why is the worlds most famous WWE wrestler with the second highest following in social media faling in his relationships .

According to the star who is frequently spotted flanked by kids he had a vasectomy because he never wanted to be an absentee dad but all his sweethearts might have wanted a kid or two even though Cena was ready to reverse his Vasectomy for Nikki Bella.

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