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The Guilty Are Always Afraid, Arocho Says After Nick Mwendwa Told Him Not To Ask Any Questions

Nick Mwendwa and journalist Fred Arocho are seemingly two men at war after the latest turn of events.Now this is what happened.

On Saturday, Arocho was hosting a Weekend warm up show on Radio Jambo.Its usually a show that sees analysts discuss all matters football.In the show,guests can also be invited ygive their views on the state of affairs.

It is on record that Fred Arocho has been bashing the FKF in recent times over backroom issues that he has claimed have affected the football game in Kenya.Mismanagement and favoritism during callups are some of the issues he has alluded to before.

So on Saturday, during the show they made a call to Nick Mwendwa but then Nick Mwendwa, told off Arocho and said he should not ask him any question.

Arocho has now taken to his Facebook page and in what seems like a reply to the happenings of the day he wrote, "The guilty are always afraid."

This now connects to Nick Mwendwa telling or warning him not to ask him any questions on air.Is Mwendwa guilty of something that Arocho knows about? Well you can be the judge.

We'll keep on updating you on the seemingly cold war between Fred Arocho and Nick Mwendwa.

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