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10 Famous Footballers Who Came From Very Poor Families.

In life no one chooses the family he or she is supposed to be born in. It occurs naturally thus beyond our control. However they often say they being born in a poor family is not your fault, but staying in it forever it is. Therefore despite the heartbreaking nature of poverty, it is supposed to be a motivating factor towards success.

This explains why many successful people in different professions are from poor family. In other words those from poor families tend to do their things tirelessly to change their conditions at home.

In addition to that, football profession is not an exceptional, a number of young stars in football have come up to make huge sums of money so as to change their pathetic conditions at home using their football talents. These footballers faced tough upbringing and were determined to fight hardship for success. A number of these stars grew in ghetto where there are poor housing conditions and wore improper clothing. Indeed it was not easy for them!

Having such a dark past made these people totally focused in football career and you will agree with me that the most celebrated football stars currently are most of them. Have a look at their pictures below

1.Raheem Sterling (Born in Jamaica)

2.Zlatan Ibramovic (Sweden).

3.Sadio Mane (Senegal).

4.Angel Di Maria (Argentina).

5.Luis Suarez (Uruguay).

6.Luka Modric (Croatia).

7.Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal).

8.Dani Alvez (Brazil).

9.Naymar Jr.

10.Alex Sanchez (Chile).


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