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VAR Leaves Fans Fuming After Making This Big Mistake In Premier League Match

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been the centre of controversy once again in the Premier League this Monday, just a few hours after another dubious decision during Sunday's game between United and Spurs.

The VAR which is now in play for three seasons in the league has produced some very poor decisions leaving fans questioning whether it is really making the game better or just taking the entertainment out of it.

During Monday night football action between West Brom and Southampton, the home side thought they had taken the lead after Diagne scored but his goal was ruled offside but looking at the reply, the VAR really got it wrong this time.

The picture clearly shows that VAR drew the line on the wrong West Brom player thus wrongfully overturning the goal which really was a poor decision.

Taking to social media, fans led by former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher called out the technology for its inconsistency.

Jamie Carragher: Did #var use the offside lines on the wrong WBA player???

Dyker Rivers: @Carra23 this game is now broken, we shouldnt even need these lines drawn on a tv monitor, of you cant tell its offside on a still image, with the human eye, give benefit of doubt to attackers, what advantage is there?

Joe: no way have VAR just ruled this as offside (guy in yellow boots scored). Honestly have no idea what they’re smoking in the VAR room. 

Daniel Groom: How is this offside? Bartley isn’t interfering with play!! A massive VAR mistake. 

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