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Premier League

Check the Updated EPL Table

Follow what is trending on the English Premier League as the tables keep turning

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Each and every march proves to be a turning point on the league's table. Scores after scores goals in and goals missed it is a battlefield out there on the pitch.

With every team from the least to the best all fighting for those three points to make it to the ultimate position.

It is war out there

Sheffield United with 11 pts at position 20

Man City leading with 44 pts

The English Premier League is gaining back it's stats on the people's lively hood which had since faded due to the pandemic in this case Covid 19 to be precise.

Next fixtures on the EPL is as follows :

Today's fixtures.

Tomorrow's fixture.

Man United fans still enjoying their untamed victory with yesterday's win again Southampton .

Yesterday's scores as follows

Who do you think win take the trophy 🏆 and the end of it all ...

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