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Top 6 Football Players With The Best Tattoos In Football History And The Meaning Behind Them

Several football players' lives now include tattoos. The players are very proud of the tattoos on their bodies. See the top 6 football players' tattoos and the meanings behind them by reading on.

Mephis Depay

Memphis Depay, dubbed the "king of tattoos," has a lion's head covering his entire back. Because they stand for strength, courage, wisdom, pride, royalty, dignity, and self-assurance, lions are very popular as tattoo designs. Depay thinks that his tattoo represents the power of his heart.

The Dutch actor has faced numerous challenges, but he has never given up and has continued forward—a mentality characteristic of a lion, which he has symbolized by tattooing his body.


The hands of Lionel Messi's first child, Thiago holding a football on his left thigh, Jesus Christ's visage on his right hand, and a number of other inks can be seen on his body. Yet aside from a kiss mark on his upper crotch, the front of his body is practically immaculate.

The tattoo stands for his enduring love for Antonela Roccuzzo, his wife. They have been inseparable since childhood, and the Argentine beauty has joined Messi on his trip. She has grown to be Messi's closest friend, staunchest ally, life partner, and mother of his children.


The 40 tattoos that Brazilian superstar Neymar has on his body are all different. The majority of his tattoos—exactly six of them—are in honor of his sister, Rafaella Santos. Even Neymar had her face tattooed on his right arm. Her sister is the friend Neymar values the most.

The finest thing is that the siblings were united throughout the entire journey despite having humble beginnings and overcoming all of their challenges. Together, they have shared everything up to this point and continue to inspire one another. The PSG superstar chats to his sister whenever he is feeling depressed.

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal has a number of tattoos on his body, but the one that can be seen while he is wearing a shirt is the wording "Never Give Up" on his neck. Although coming from a low-income family, the Chilean football great excelled. He has traveled extensively and has played for some of the top clubs in the world.

Furthermore, he has elevated his nation by winning two Copa America championships. As a result, the tattoo represents his on-field attitude and serves as a message for everyone going through a trying period.

Joe Hart

On his right shoulder, Joe Hart has a tattoo that looks like armor. The English goalie has a reputation for being aggressive on the field. He has frequently confronted strikers one-on-one as a goalkeeper, which has occasionally resulted in a collision.

He feels strong and safe because to the tattoo on his shoulder. It was made by a designer by the name of Lancs Live.

Sergio Ramos

There is hardly much of Sergio Ramos' body that is immaculate. He has 42 tattoos on his body, all of which are ink drawings of his notable accomplishments. On his left tricep, there is a unique one, though. The tattoo depicts a Hexagram, a six-pointed star that is set in a cloud-filled midnight sky.

Six qualities are represented by the six stars: love, knowledge, wisdom, life, understanding, and loyalty. This particular tattoo was created by Ramos in memory of his grandmother Nena, who gave the mother of the Spanish artist a pendant with the same design.

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